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ah! I just *love* this couple so much I had to make a shrine for them! I couldn't find many shrines out there for them (sorry if u have one)...but, my main reason is because this is the best couples! And this is my favorite anime!!! XD! Well, i don't have much so far, I hope to get more than just a gallery and wallpapers up, like mp3s that have to do with them. If anyone knows where I can download AMG mp3s, please, please, e-mail me. ^.^ Thanks! Well, anyway, thanks for coming!

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Layout: Well, as you already know, the pic is of Belldandy and Keiichi (they r sooo *kawaii* XD!!) anyway, the poetry sounding words around the pic are from the opening theme of the ova, My Heart Iidasenai Your Heart Tashikametai. The original Japanese lyrics are:

My heart iidasenai
Please KISU shite tte
Day dream yume wa fukurami
sora ni takaku kieru
onna no ko wa dare datte shiawase ni nareru
koi ga hajimareba kagayakidasu
Your heart tashikametai
True love hajimete dakara

I just wanted to mention that so it's clear that I didn't write it because of copyrights and stuff.