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Name: 10 year old
Family role: Father
Type of cheese: Emmental Cheese
Topping: none
He is the head of the family. He is an architect and he built the house. He loves his wife and never gets angry with her. (He is so weak against Mother's charming.) He is good at cooking and cheese fondue is his best dish. He also likes red wine. It is hard for him to deal with mice. His favorite phrase is "Let's forget it."
Name: Melting
Family role: Mother
Type of cheese: Melting Cheese
Topping: none
She's a bit stubborn and lazy as well as careless and carefree. But she is charming. Despite that, she gets along very well with Father and is trying her best to be a good housewife. When she was young, many other guys were attracted to her.
Name: Chee-chan (Chi-Brother)
Family role: First Son
Type of cheese: 6P Cheese
Topping: Whipped Cream
He is a nasty bully and likes to show off. Although he is the eldest son, he is the trouble-maker in the family. He always bullies Blue. He was the leader of a triad group, a gang called "teamer," but he quit.
Name: Plain
Family role: Second Son
Type of cheese: 6P Cheese
Topping: none
He is very modest, quiet, and shy, totally the opposite of his eldest brother. He is so kind that if he sees someone in trouble or need, he will go help them without a doubt.
Name: Blue
Family role: Third Son
Type of cheese: 6P Cheese
Topping: Blueberries
He is a coward and is always bullied by the others. He is lonely and always needs to be with others or else he will cry when he is alone.
Name: Cran
Family role: First Daughter
Type of cheese: 6P Cheese
Topping: Cranberries
She is a strong-minded and naughty tomboy. When she grows up, she wants to be a cake baker and open a cake shop.
Name: Cream
Family role: Fourth Son
Type of cheese: 6P Cheese
Topping: Cream (maybe strawberry)
He wants to grow up fast. He idolizes his oldest brother. He admires Chee-chan (his eldest brother) so much because he is very curious about the world. He hates the strawberry cream on his head because it seems too childish. He wants to have Chee-chan's white cream instead.
Name: Nuts
Family role: Second Daughter
Type of cheese: 6P Cheese
Topping: nuts
She always needs attention and is a spoiled child because everybody loves her. But she gets along well with others. She likes Plain brother and Grandmother Yogurt most at the moment.
Name: Baby Cheese
Family role: Third Daughter
Type of cheese: Cheese Ball
Topping: Contained in a wrapper
She is the new born girl. She cannot speak yet but always smiles.
Name: Grandfather Blue Cheese
Family role: Grandfather
Type of cheese: Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola
Topping: none
He is very nice and he loves his grandchildren very much. However, sometimes he makes mistakes about the names of his grandchildren.
Name: Grandmother Yogurt
Family role: Grandmother
Type of cheese: Yogurt
Topping: none
She is a very kind grandmother. She was suffering from bad blood circulation that made her feel cold all the time but after she received a pink cap from her grandsons, she felt better. Her hobby is knitting.