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Cheese Town

(1) Cheese House
The Cheese Family's house, which was built by the father.
(2) Pizza Crispy
This was where the father and mother first met.
(3) Dr. Chevre's House
She's the wisest in the town. She is a professor who studies cheese.
(4) Aunt Milk's House
The milk comes from the well.
(5) Grandfather Blue Cheese's House
The house is 50 years old.
(6) Mouse Forest
This is the mice's hidout.
(7) Camembert's House
Because the house is so soft, it is constantly falling down and it has to be rebuilt.
(8) Parmesan Cheese's Mansion
He is a very rich cheese with a huge, luxurious house. He even has a private chauffeur.
(9) Wine Bar
Miss Bourgogne works at the wine bar. She is the most beautiful in town.
(10) Club Smoke
This is where the young men hang out.
(11) Public Shower and Spa
Mrs. Mozzarella works here and owns it.
(12) Calcium Gym
The Cheese work out here so they will have a lot of calcium.