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Halloween Night - Sailor Moon Fanfic Team

By: Sailor Nova, Art, Bootsy, Myu, and Gemini
From: Sailor Moon Online Paradise

Halloween Night
Chapter 1 ~ Sailor Nova

It was a dark and gloomy night, the shadows played against the walls of the bedroom but they didn't scare me because I live with Usagi. Nothing in this world or the next scares me after a couple of days with this girl but the night was descending and the lights of the neighborhood starting to spring to life emitting their glow for all the children that will soon be out on this night. I'm just glad that Halloween came just once a year. I never cared much for the holiday, being a cat, but I always love to see the extremes that children goes through just to collect some candy from neighbors and strangers. Why do people have to celebrate a night devoted to its dark mysteries, humans, I'll never understand them and don't know if I want to in the end?

Forgetting about the mere mortals that surround me I stretched out for a good night sleep. I guess that I would have to force myself to eat candy tomorrow when Usagi offers me some. Well, at least there are some good things about Halloween after all. I closed my eyes and started to drift off to sleep when I heard seven frightening words, “Luna, wake up, it’s Trick or Treat!” Sleepily I opened my eyes to glance on a sight that will take more than a few catnaps to rid it from my memories. There was Usagi in all her splendor dressed from head to toe in orange and white with large floppy feet, a clown, somehow that’s appropriate for her. “Come on sleepy head, it’s time to get out there and get the candy.” I stifled a yawn and found myself being scooped up from the bed and a large orange hat was placed on my head and tied under my chin. I'm not going to like this, I said to myself.

Before I could voice any objections to her plans, Usagi whisked me off the bed. Cradling me in her arms, she carried me down stairs to the living room. As we rounded the corner to the room I heard, “Usagi, you are just darling in that outfit.” Usagi twirled to allow everyone a good look at her costume. She sat me down on the sofa while her mother made some last minute touches to her clown suit. Usagi’s father looked over at me, “Luna, you don't look like you're enjoying the whole Halloween spirit.” It took all my control not to voice my opinion about this situation but I knew that I couldn't. He adjusted my ‘hat’ and stroked my back, “Usagi, where are you going to hit tonight?” Usagi looked thoughtful; well, as thoughtful as it possible for her, “Well, I'm going to pick up Ami and we'll all heading to Reid’s temple before going out in the Cross Road’s area.” So hopefully, I won't be the only cat humiliated tonight. I know Minako and I can only image what she has in store for Artemis.

We spent another five minutes in the house before Usagi grabbed me, placed me on her shoulder and started for the door. As she placed her hand on the doorknob, we heard her father, “You two be careful. The ghost and monsters are prowling for young victims tonight.” Usagi giggled at his words, “Don't worry Dad. I can handle myself against any normal monster.” She may be able to do that. She has grown in power the last few months but she still is nowhere where she needs to be to defeat any enemy that will come at us in the future.

Usagi took a left as she left the front yard and decided to go to some of the neighbors before she picked up Ami. She strolled quickly from house to house and soon had about a quarter of her bag filled before she decided that she had enough for now. I decided that it maybe a good time to talk to her, “Usagi-chan, I had hope that you were growing up but this outfit.” Usagi suddenly stopped and stared down at her costume, “What’s wrong, I followed all the instructions on the pattern and Mom helped me. I think that everything came out fine. Everything is in its place.” Maybe I should keep quiet for a while, maybe one day but I think that day is far in the future.

I decided to enjoy the ride and get a better understanding of human nature. Children were going between houses, collecting their goodies from the owners and talking to each other about which house had the best candy and which to avoid. At least Usagi wasn't caught up in the conspiracy to get the best candy but it seems that she went to the houses that the other kids was taking about having the best ‘haul’ of candy. I started to think to myself about the last few months that we have been together. There have been good time but I wish that Usagi would take things more serious. She’s still young and may develop her power as she matures. I'll be at her side as long as she needs me but tomorrow she'll have to do some paying to do for making me wear this stupid hat.

We are finally out of the neighborhood and heading to Ami’s apartment. I wonder how she'll be dressed; probably something understated and reflects her personality. I started to think about her costume when I noticed a shadow moving behind us. I tried to warn Usagi about the danger when two arms wrapped themselves around her waist. I turned around to defend my friend when I noticed that it’s Mamo-chan. Usagi jumped but when she realized who it was, she turned and kissed him, “Hi, Mamo-chan, why are you out here?” He returned the kiss, “Usako, I’m going over to Rei’s so I thought that I would run by your house and pick you up but your father said that you had already left so I thought that I could catch up with you.”

I looked at his costume for tonight. He was dressed as a pirate with an eye patch over his left eye. He did make a dashing figure as Usagi made him turned around for her to look at his entire outfit. After a couple of seconds, she leaped in his arms and he held her close. He kissed the top of her head and slowly slipped his arm around her waist and started down the street. He noticed her bag, “Usako, let me carry that for you?” “No, it’s mine, I got it before you got here. If you want some, you have to get your own.” I think Mamoru was taken back by her answer but he knew her and started to laugh. Soon, she joined in and we continued down the road walking with their arms around each other. We will soon get to Ami’s apartment, I still wonder what she'll be dress as for this night.”

Halloween Night
Chapter 2 ~ Art

"Trick or Treat!" bellowed Usagi, as she pounded impatiently on Ami's door. Presently, Ami appeared, and the two friends stood in brief silence, as each surveyed the other's costume. In a blink, they broke into happy laughter.

"A clown!" chuckled Ami, "I might have known!" She self-consciously tried to suppress her laughter, but with no success whatsoever.

"Look who's talking!" retorted Usagi, as she covered her mouth with one hand, and pointed at Ami with the other. "What in the world are you supposed to be?"

Ami-chan was dressed in a costume, which, by any definition of the word, was... well, singular. She sported no less than five large, segmented, pink-and-yellow balls, the top-most of which was adorned with a pair of enormous blinking eyes, over which bobbed and swayed an equally imposing pair of antennae. "I'm a worm, Usagi. Isn't it obvious?" she demanded, as a slight frown crept over her brow.

"Maharajah!!!" Usagi lost all control, and made no attempt to disguise the fact. "A worm!? What kind of worm?"

"A book worm, of course!" Ami retorted somewhat angrily, as she crossed her arms in front of her for emphasis.

Usagi suddenly fell silent. "A book worm?" she echoed in a whisper. "Why doesn't that surprise me?" She sighed deeply, as she sought to regain her composure, and happened to glimpse a huge bowl of candy bars on a table just inside the door. A slight smile slowly crept over her face, and she inquired musically, "Say Ami, is that your Halloween candy?"

"Yes," stated Ami sternly, still stung by Usagi's reaction to her costume. "It's for the trick or treaters," she added, quickly divining Usagi's intention.

"Ummm... I'm a trick or treater, aren't I?" she replied meekly.

"Oh, all right. You may have ONE piece," conceded Ami, as she gathered up her belongings, and motioned for Usagi to help herself.

Usagi greedily stuffed a candy bar in her ample, and by no means immodest, candy bag, smiled, and then grabbed another while Ami wasn't looking. "Hey, Ami, aren't you taking a bag for your candy?" she asked, noting that Ami was carrying only an empty book bag.

"No," Ami responded in her usual soft, calm manner, "I prefer fruit to candy. Too much is bad for you. Besides, I wouldn't be able to carry any candy. Not with my book bag. Don't you remember the program they told us about at school? Some people will be giving us old books, instead of candy, as donations to the Children's Wing of the new library. It's a wonderful idea, really, being able to help the children learn by contributing books that would otherwise collect dust."

"I'd rather have the candy," mumbled Usagi, as they stepped outside, and began to walk down the street.

"Say, where are Mamoru and Luna?" asked Ami, "I thought they were coming with you."

"They decided to go on to Rei-chan's while I picked you up. We're supposed to meet them there, and then we'll all proceed to the big party at school," Usagi explained.

"I see," said Ami. "Well, we'd better hurry. We don't want to keep them waiting." Ami tried to quicken her pace, but sadly discovered the constraints of her costume limited her to little more than a brisk waddle. Nonetheless, the two friends continued dutifully along their way, dodging traffic, and hopping over the occasional puddles that dotted their path.

"Say, Ami, do you suppose we could stop at that house up ahead for a trick or treat? Please?"

"Why that one?"

"It's such a big and extravagant house, I'm sure they must have equally big and extravagant treats!" answered Usagi smugly, quite happy with logic she deemed (or hoped to be) infallible.

"Well, I guess we could...", said Ami, "but then we really must be on our way. It's getting late." An old, merry, and more-than-slightly rotund woman greeted them at the door of the house. She smiled, as she presented Usagi with a treat that was quite substantial, even by Usagi's demanding standards. She then slipped a small book in the bag Ami held out to her. They politely uttered their thanks in unison, and continued on their way.

"What did she give you?" inquired the always-curious Usagi.

"Well, let me see..." began Ami, as she fished a small, thin volume from the depths of her book bag. "It's entitled 'Narrow Road to the Deep North', by Basho. Oh, I read this last year," she exclaimed happily.

"For a class?"

"No, for fun. Basho was the pen name of Matsuo Kinsaku. He's regarded as the father of the modern haiku. He lived from 1644 to 1694. It was a fascinating book, all about the travels of..."

"Well," interrupted Usagi, curtly, "I'm glad I got candy, instead."

"Now listen, Usagi, it wouldn't hurt you to read something other than comic books for a change! You should learn more about poetry - and culture in general!" chided her friend.

"I know all about poetry," boasted Usagi, as she munched on a bit of her candy, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And so is this candy bar!" She giggled proudly at her recitation, but Ami could only shake her head in despair. "Say, we'd better hurry," Usagi added, in a more somber tone, "Look at those clouds. I think we're in for a real storm." With that, the girls quickened their pace, as bursts of thunder rumbled and flashes of lightning began to appear menacingly overhead.

Suddenly, there erupted a monstrous clap of thunder, accompanied by a blinding bolt of lightning. The girls were literally knocked off their feet by the blast. They sat in a daze for long seconds, before struggling to regain their footing and equilibriums.

"Are you okay, Ami?" asked Usagi, as she helped her friend to her feet.

"I think so," stammered Ami, "Boy, that was a close call, wasn't it?" she added, as she rubbed her eyes and blinked.

"Yeah," replied Usagi. She brushed the dirt off Ami's costume, straightened her antennae, and gave her a warm hug. "I'm glad you weren't hurt."

Ami smiled at Usagi's concern. "I'm fine, really. Well, come on, we'd better get going again."

Usagi nodded, then took careful stock of her candy to make sure none of it had been lost or damaged. Noting that her bag was as sound and as heavy as before, the two happy companions resumed their little journey. However, they quickly found themselves confused and disoriented. Somehow, things just didn't look the same. Everything was different. Everything. Their pace slowed and finally stopped altogether. They turned and looked at one another, instinctively knowing what the other was thinking.

"Something's wrong, isn't it?"

"I'm afraid so," replied Usagi, as she reached for Ami's hand. They looked around in silence, surveying the area, seeking some familiar landmark, but found none.

"Say, do you notice there aren't any lights anywhere?" offered Ami, at length.

"Yeah," replied Usagi, "But I do see a few lanterns and torches up ahead."

The night sky seemed to grow darker and darker. A light rain was now falling, and the temperature had dropped noticeably. Even with the odd lanterns and lamps nearby, it was remarkably gloomy, and thus, all the more difficult for the girls to get their bearings.

"Say, Usagi," ventured Ami ominously, "do you see any cars anywhere? Any buses, or trains?"

"No," said Usagi, as she inhaled nervously. "All I see are some horses, and a few wooden carts."

"And where are the buildings?" continued Ami, "All I see are huts..."

"Uh, Ami, don't look now, but I think we're beginning to attract attention."

Ami suppressed a shriek, as she turned and noticed dozens of people had nearly surrounded them. Their surveyors were dressed in strange, archaic-looking costumes. The crowd grew by the minute. Fortunately, they kept a safe distance, and seemed as apprehensive of the girls, as the girls were of them.

"Why are they staring at us like that?", queried Usagi, uneasily.

"Well, they could be looking at your costume," offered Ami with a grin.

"MY costume, Miss Bookworm?"

"Okay, okay," conceded Ami, "OUR costumes."

"You know what," said Usagi in a whisper, "I think we've gone back in time!"

Halloween Night
Chapter 3 ~ Bootsy

"Back in time?! Usagi, you really do read too many comic books. Come on, if you want, I'll lend you my T.S. Eliot book.." "Ami, stranger things have happened. Look around!" Ami turned her head a bit. "It looks the civil war era! We're in ancient Japan! Ancient...well, I guess ancient Juuban!" Usagi pouted. "But Mamo-chan is in the future! Waaaaaaah!" She started to bawl and wail as usual.

Suddenly she heard some footsteps from behind her. "Stop your whining, odango atama!" Said a familiarly stuck up voice. "Ooooooohh......" Usagi growled.

Ami turned in shock, only to fall on her face. She got up and dusted her self off, cleared her throated, and said "Now back to my astonishment. Rei?! How did you get here?" "Well, Luna and Mamoru were at the shrine, and we were about to leave when we saw all this! We've gone waaaay back!"

Usagi had neglected to look at Rei. Usagi mumbled, "So...I bet I know who you are! Since we're all fit to character, I bet you're a witch!" She laughed continuously. "Usagi, Rei is quite the opposite." Usagi turned to see for her self.

"I'm the beautiful sorceress." Usagi turned. "Then go make us get back home." Rei burst out laughing. "A clown?!Hahahaha!" "Hey, if you think this is funny, look at Ami!" Rei stifled her laughter, and looked at Ami. "I don't get it....why a worm?" "I'm a book worm!" Ami declared. Rei burst out laughing. "Geez, you're all weird. Mamoru was somewhere around that silly costume...." Rei mumbled.

Rei walked around in her flowing black robes with frenzy. Suddenly she heard someone behind her. "Excuse me, miss, but I couldn't help overhear. Are you lost?" Rei turned to see one of the village girls. "Why, yes. Could you please tell me where I am?" "You're in Juuban. The city was founded after the war, so I can understand your confusion." Rei turned to thank her, but she mysteriously disappeared......

Usagi groaned. "Why can't we be back in the Silver Millennium? Then we could see ourselves..." "Usagi, that would be Another Story all over again! (The game, not my series). Ami said with impatience.

"If only we had some decent clothes!" Rei said upon returning. She heard little steps. "Well, your transformation pens do have the power, like the pen I gave Usagi." They turned in amazement, oh, excuse me, Ami fell in amazement. "You did remember your pens, didn't you?"

The girls nodded, hoping they wouldn't have had to, but things were bound to happen. Mars pulled hers out first. "Mars Crystal Power, MAKE UP! Make me an ancient girl!" "Mercury Crystal Power, MAKE UP! Make me also an ancient girl!" "Disguise Power! Make me an ancient princess!"

Rei scowled. "No one's going to belive that you're the princess." Luna shrilly stated, "Enough! This is already confusing." The walked more into the village. People stopped there work to look at the three women walking the streets of the new town.

Suddenly a familiar figure walked up to them. He wore clothes of the proper time, though. He whispered to Usagi "Usako, it's me. Are you all ok?" "Mamo-chan!" She hugged him tight. "Everyone's here ok."

"I figured it out." He told them, as they walked about the town. "No one was outside when this happened, well, except us. Everyone outside I guess experienced some kind of time warp. someone had to have done this for a reason, though."

Rei stopped, looking at a bunch of crows perched onto an orange leafed tree. She ran towards it. "Phobos, Deimos!" They flew to her shoulders. She smiled at them as the others caught up.

"Hahaha! You managed to find most of your comrades, eh?" Rei turned in surprise to see a gang of girls. "I'm Ann!" said the girl who approached her. Her spice like orange hair flowed in the wind, down in quite a familiar position. "I'm Ellen!" Said another one of the group, who also had her light brown hair up in a recognizable ponytail. "I'm Maria!" The girl's hair had an uncanny resemblance in color, it was a deep blue, gathered in a braid atop her head. She also had shiny glasses. "Nina's the name." Said a long haired blonde who had a stance that read 'attitude problem'. Her hair was very loosely held by a dark pink tie. And who was seemingly their leader announced herself. She wore very similarly frightening pigtails to someone Rei knew all too well....

"Who are they?" Usagi asked with her normal curiosity. "I'm not sure....but they're real snotty, I wouldn't trust them...." Halloween Night
Chapter 4 ~ *myu

"And you think I would?"

"I didn't say that..."

"This is scary..." Usagi whimpered. "It's like looking in a warped, really ugly mirror..."

"What was that?" Nina snapped.

"Nothing!" Ami cut in quickly.

"What you got there?" Maria asked gruffly. The girls suddenly looked down at their bags, which seemed rather out of place compared to the rest of their get-up. Apparantly transformation pens don't extend their power to disguise additional objects. Damn pens.

"Take it! Take all of it!" Usagi covered her eyes and threw her sweetie bag in the general direction of the other group. "Just don't hurt us!" The bag showered it's contents over the other girls. Ellen picked a sweet out of her hair and glared at Usagi, as did Maria, Ann and Nina. Rei seized the moment and dragged Usagi back.

"Hey, what the - mmmmphhh!!!" Rei chose to clamp her hand over Usagi's mouth.

"Keep that trap shut, Odango Atama!"

"You'll have to excuse her..." Ami said breathlessly to the advancing group. "She was...dropped on her head as a child...from a great height..." She babbled, wringing her hands.

"mmmmmphhfff!!!" a sharp kick from Rei silenced Usagi's muffled outbursts, and Rei found herself screeching angrily after Mamoru pinched her arm.

"Leave her alone!"



"Something seems to tell me that there's a connection between our being brought to the past and all of you..." Mamoru turned to face the other girls.

"Well I would say that's a correct assumption." Ann smirked. "Well done, little boy."

"What are you going to do?" Ami asked, a little nervously.

"You'll find out soon enough, sweetheart. But for now..." she clicked her fingers, and the last thing Ami saw was the large bolt of lightning crashing down from the sky...


"Sounds weird." Minako picked at her fingernails. "So you came back and you were all fine?"

"Uh-huh. We even had all of our sweetie bags and everything." Usagi nodded vigorously, rummaging through her bag, that she had managed to make a considerable dent in. Mamoru was oblivious to the fact that the girls had swiped his bulging bag and were dividing up the haul of sweets between them.

"What I want to know is what they're planning..." Luna cut in suddenly. "They seem pretty strong...we haven't had that much experience of fighting..." she bit the edge of her paw nervously.

"Oh, Luna! You worry too much - we'll be fine...we're the sailor senshi!" Usagi told her proudly.

"Somehow I don't share your optimism." the small cat replied icily.

"Maybe she's right, Luna..." Artemis commented. "Don't worry about it."

"Oh - you're not worried? I'm concerned because we have five girls here who have never had an experience of real battle! Maybe you've forgotten the consequences of their last battle, but I haven't! We lost the Moon Kingdom, and I'm not prepared to lose Earth as well!" Luna leapt down and streaked out of the parlour.

"We've got to get to school..." Ami said uneasily. They left the parlour without another word.


Usagi and Ami came out of school to find Luna waiting for them.

"Luna!" Usagi called enthusiastically. "Can you help me? I want to practice my attacks...just in case..." Luna nodded and jumped up onto Usagi's shoulder.

"Hmm..." Ami said thoughtfully. "I was thinking...if we practice aiming for things then we'll probably make a better impact and then we'll have an advantage." She began to mime Usagi's Moon Tiara Action, and her bag flew out of her hands and landed in a bush a couple of feet away.

"whoops! maybe we do need a little more practice..." blushing, she ran over, got down on her hands and knees and stretched her fingers towards the bag.

" it..."

Ami cried out as a boot suddenly crashed down on her hand.

Halloween Night (The Next Day?)
Charter 5 ~ Gemini


"Ami!" Usagi ran over as soon as she heard Ami scream, forcing Luna to jump off her shoulder before she fell. She stopped a few feet short of her friend as her gaze traveled up the face a of the source of the boot.

"YOU! Leave her alone!" She glared at the girl.

"You're coming with me." The blue haired girl grabbed Ami bye the wrists after moving her feet then together they disappeared.

"NO!" Usagi ran forward but it was too late.

"You'll have to try harder than that." A voice from behind her called.

Usagi spun around as fast as possible. There stood the girl that resembled Usagi. "Who are you!" Usagi shouted at the girl.

"Me? You may call me Vixen, little bunny." She had a sly grin on her face.

"Where did you take her?"

"You will soon find out." Vixen laughed. "For now I will let you go. Just so you can watch your other friends disappear. Then, I will come for you. But do make an effort to get away. I so enjoy the chase." She laughed one last time and disappeared.

"Rei? Makoto? Minako? What are they going to do to them I have to find them."

"You were going to meet in the Park." Luna chose to speak. "Remember for a little training."

"Oh right. We better get there and fast." Usagi took off towards the park with Luna close behind.


Usagi got to the park as quickly as her legs would carry her. She slowed down as the entered and looked around. "Something seems wrong."

"Yes.." Luna whispered as she approached. "Where are the people..."

They walked a bit further into the park. Trees, grass, but no people. A owner-less dog still on it's leash ran by.

"That's strange." Usagi muttered as Luna tried to stay out of the dog's site.

"Oh my little bunny." A familiar voice sounded.

"Why does she keep calling my that." Usagi thought and looked for the source of the voice.

"You see, We already have you're other friends. I dare say they were easy to catch."

Usagi spotted them. Nina, Ellen, and Ann, each had a girl tied up. While Vixen stood to the side.

"Let them go!" Usagi shouted. "Moo-"

"Don't bother transforming." Vixen grinned. "We'll be going now." And with that they disappeared.

"NO!" Usagi ran towards them, but it was too late. They were gone from sight. "No.." She fell to her knees.

"Usagi you mustn't let them catch you. You mustn't give up." Luna padded around Usagi. "Get up!"

"I know Luna.." Usagi climbed to her feet. "I just should have been there. Anyway. Now what do we do?"

"We wait." Luna asserted. "She said was coming back for you. So we wait."


And wait they did. But it didn't take long. Usagi sat in her bedroom with Luna watching.

"This is taking forever. I hate waiting. But I'm afraid we can't win, Luna. We don't even know what we're up against really. Who are those people?" Usagi sighed and flopped over onto her bed.

"Who are we?" Vixen called from a dark corner of Usagi's room. "We are.. well for lack of a better phrase, Your worse nightmares." She stepped into the center of the room.

Usagi glared at Vixen, unmoving.

"Well aren't you going to run? Going to fight?" Vixen put her hands on her hip and stood there.

"NO." Usagi kept her gaze on Vixen.

"Fine then. Either way. You're coming with me." Vixen snapped once and they were no longer in Usagi's room. Five cages hung from the ceiling. Four of which contained the other girls. " The other's are getting your little protector."

Luna jumped to Usagi's shoulder. "Wait, don't transform yet." She quickly hopped of Usagi's shoulder to examine the cages.

"What do you want with us?" Usagi stood up straight and menacing as possible.

"Oh you hurt me, my little bunny. Right here." Vixen knocked on her chest. "Don't you recognize me?" Vixen was too busy with Usagi to notice Luna.

"Of course not.. well you kinda look like me, but otherwise."


Luna had climbed atop Minako's cage. "She has the keys." Minako whispered and pointed to Vixen.

"Well then we'll have to get the doors open some other way. Give me a hair pin." Luna demanded.

"What? That only works in movies, Luna." Minako protested.

"Just give me one." Luna took the hairpin, that Minako produced, in her mouth and prodded at the lock.

The other girls watched as Luna worked. "Well I could have done that." Minako commented.


"Oh I thought you would have known me better." Vixen took a step forward. Usagi stared forward in disbelief as the girl that stood before her melted into a man.

"Jedite." Usagi gasped. "But you.. you don't know who.."

"Honestly do you think I'm that dense. That I couldn't see through your disguises?" He stood before her.

"Well yeah." Usagi looked up at him. "and the others? But there are only 4 Generals."

"Ah yes. Maria is our little helper. She was more than willing to go along with our plans."

"Then why bring us here? Why bother with all this trouble.?"

"Like I said before," Jedeite smirked. "I enjoy the hunt."


"Almost..." Luna twisted and maneuvered the hairpin.

"There." With a click the lock opened. Minako caught the door before it swung open where Jedeite would notice. Luna quickly hopped to the next cage. "For being so observant he sure is missing a lot." She thought as she worked on Rei's lock, then continued onto the next cage and finally the last.


"What are you planning on doing?" Usagi watched as Jedite circled her.

"Oh right now the other's are retrieving you're little protector. When they return the prequisite fight scene shall ensue, but this time, You will not win."

As if on cue the the other Generals and Maria arrived with an unconscious Mamoru. "He tried to put up a fight." Nephrite stated. They tossed Mamoru aside.

"Now." Jedite turned his attention to Usagi. "We fight."

"Are you kidding?" Usagi shouted. "There's 5 of you and one of me."

"Yes.. I said we would win this time, didn't I? I didn't say it would be fair."

"Fine you want to play like that? Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" Usagi called and transformed into Sailor Moon.

"I think we need to make this a little more even." Sailor Mars called from the cage she was in. She opened the door and jumped out with the others.

"Oh now this isn't fair." Jedeite backed away from the senshi.






All the senshi screamed their attacks at once.

"I didn't say it would be fair." Usagi glared at the spot where the generals had been. "They'll be back."

"Where are you going?" Jupiter grabbed Maria by the collar before retreated through the door.

"I just.." Maria stammered.

"Just let her go.. We have to figure out how to get..woah.." As if in a bad flash back the air around them started to wave and swirl.

"I don't think we need to figure it out." Ami observed. "We're home."

"So we are." They checked to make sure no one was watching and de-henshined.

"That was a strange Halloween." Minako sighed.

"Anything with human children running around in costumes for candy is strange." Luna commented.

"I guess we should all get home now." Usagi turned.

"Yeah." They all replied and disbanded.

Mamoru stood up groggily and looked around. "That was strange."

"Thriller plays in the background as the group all meander to their respective himes. A strange Halloween it was. Strange indeed.