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*~Just A Dream~* by: Chibi-bunny

I walk toward the middle of the park, hugging myself, trying to keep warm. I look around in the night, feeling a presence, but I can't see anyone. I shiver, knowing my Saint Tail costume doesn't cover a lot of my body. I know I'm in the city but I feel so lost. I felt scared and lonely. I drop to the ground on my knees, still hugging myself. I get up, walking toward a Cherry blossom tree. Sakura falls on my hair and shoulders. I feel the presence getting closer. I get scared. Tears fall down my cheeks. I try to blink them away but they still fall. I close my eyes, feeling tears trickle down my face, and the wind pushing my hair around.

Suddenly, I feel myself being held. I open my eyes quickly. The person grabs my hands and lightly squeezes them. I turn around and see a warm smile. We both sit on the ground.

He takes of his black jacket and puts it around me. I blush and turn around, making sure he doesn't see my face. He lifts me and puts me in his lap. I turn around and put my head on his shoulder. I smile and look at the Sakura falling. It seemed like snow. I tighten my grip on him. I feel happy knowing I'm in the arms of Auska Jr.

I wake up shivering. I look around in my room. I could see the window open. I get up and close it. I slowly walk back to my bed, thinking of my dream, wondering what it means. I yawn and crawl back in bed, cuddling up with Ruby. I smile and fall slowly to sleep.