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ST. TAILíS TWIN!? by: Chibi-bunny

An: I donít own any of the St. Tail people so donít sue me!! This is my 2nd fic of St.Tail. The only character I own is Megan. I wrote this on the day I was sick! (sniff cough) my email is

--Chapter 1

"Class is now starting. I will call roll now. Ryoko?"



" Here."


" Here."

As the teacher/sister was calling roll, Meimi was looking out the window. A few birds flew around, making it seem as they were playing a game of some sort. They stopped and landed on a tree.

"MEIMI HANEOKA! Stop daydreaming and say Ďhereí when your name is called!" screamed the teacher.

"Hmm? Oh, here." Meimi said, lazily. She put her head on the desk and closed her eyes.

"Hey, Meimi. Are you feeling okay? You donít look to good," whispered Asuka Jr. Meimi opened her eyes to look into Asuka Jrís. They were full of concern.

"Iím fine Asuka Jr. Just a little tired." Meimi answered.

"Class. We have a new student. Her name is Megan Gonzales. Come in Megan." The teacher waved in the new student. She walked in and soon whistling and kissing noises were heard through out the class. Megan glared(I mean GLARED!) at the class. Every one shut up and Megan smiled to her self. " Miss Megan, please tell us about your self," called the teacher.

"Well, My name is Megan Gonzales and Iím 14 years old. I love to play baseball, go on the computer, read , and draw. My favorite foods include Ice cream, pizza, and candy."

"Thank you Megan. Please sit by Asuka Jr., the boy right there." The teacher pointed to Jr. "Meimi, I would appreciate it if you showed Megan around."

"Right, Sister." Meimi answered. Meimi looked at Megan. She had very dark brown hair that could be mistakened for black and was the same length as her own hair. She was probably the same height, too. She had light brown eyes and was very pretty. Megan took her seat next to Jr. and the other boys stared. She crossed her legs and paid her attention on the teacher.


School was over and Meimi already showed Megan around. She seemed very nice and polite. Around the corner you could hear the yelp of Jr. It seemed he got another message from St. Tail. "I will steal the Diamond of Venus Tonight. Saint Tail. íí read Jr.

"Whoís Saint Tail, Meimi?" Megan asked. Seira popped out of nowhere.

"Sheís a young girl who steals from the wicked. She gives back the stolen item from whoever it was stolen from." Seira answered.

"Thatís right. Some people say sheís just a thief like jr for instance." Meimi added in.

"Hmm. So this Saint Tail comes every time somethings stolen?" Megan asked.


"Well, I should go home then. See guys tomorrow!" Megan ran home with some boys staring.

"You should get ready for Tonight, Meimi. The man who stole the diamond is very good. It would be nice if two St. Tails were there."

An: You like it ? Theres more to come in the next Chapter!! An: Hey everyone! This is the next chapter! I donít own any characters except for Megan. Send your comments to . Thanks for reading! Ps: Iím still sick.=( (cough)

--Chapter 2

ĎIt would be nice if two Saint Tails were there.í Meimi replayed the words over in her head. "Time to get to work, Ruby." Meimi said.

"Squeak, squeak." said Ruby in her own language. Meimi grabbed the locket (I donít know what it is!!) and slid down the rope that hung from her window sill. She ran all the way to the church and went quietly inside. At the front you could see Seira praying.

"By glow of the moon or light of the sun its time to do what must be done!" Meimi started to transform and was saying 1, 2, 3, while going through the process. Soon she was finished and became St. Tail.

" May fortune smile at us in our efforts to do good deeds." Seira and Meimi said together.

"Well, Iím off." said St. Tail. She left the church heading to the mansion that was keeping the Diamond of Venus.

Saint Tail sat on a roof looking at the mansion. " A lot guards here." Saint Tail jumped on the mansionís roof and went through a window that led to the attic. She found a loose board on the floor and pulled it to the side. She peeked down to find some guards and the robber on the floor, unconscious. In a glass case where the diamond was suppose to be was gone. Saint Tail gasped. Did some one take it again? Saint Tail jumped down and jumped out an open window. She could see a figure running in the roof tops. She cased the figure and was right behind her. The figure did a back flip and was behind Saint Tail. Both stopped running. Saint Tail turned around and gasped. The figure was an exact copy of Saint Tail! Except for the hair which was black and the suppose-to-be-pink tutu was baby blue. Her face was hidden from the shadows so Saint Tail couldnít see who she was.

"Another Saint Tail!?!?" yelled a voice from down below. It belonged to Jr.ís.

"Its just another girl in a tutu," said Rina, snobbishly. The other Saint Tail looked down at Rina.

She threw a card that cut her jacket. "Next time I wonít miss." said the second Saint Tail. Rina, horrified, ran to get the guards. Jr just stood there.

"Who are you?" said the real Saint Tail.

"I am nameless. I only help those who are stolen from." The second Saint Tail jumped of the roof, and ran. Asuka jr quickly took a picture of her and looked at The real Saint Tail. She just stood there, staring.

"I will find out who this person is, Asuka Jr.," said Saint Tail. And like that, she was gone.

AN: What do you all think? It was short but I think it was good. Of course Iím writing the next chapters so be patient!^_^ What will I write for the next chapter? Me donít know! Email your comments at BYE! &THANKS FOR READING! Ps: Iím still sick! By dose is stuffy. (grabs tissue and blows nose.)