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The Continuation of Princess Rouge

Scene 6: Star Crossed Endings

by Nick

"Wh… What do you mean, 'I'm your daughter?'" Rouge demanded. "How could I be your daughter? I… I… I am…" She trailed off as some unsettling thoughts burrowed their way into her head. Could Kaige and Meige have been lying to her? Was Raiga, the man who stood before her really be her father?

"No!" Rouge said with a sense of determination in her voice. "I am not your daughter. You killed my father!"


"Princess Rouge, listen to me," Raiga said, his eyes cold as he spoke. "I am your real father. I am also the rightful claim to the throne of the Underworld." He could see in her eyes that Rouge didn't believe him. Maybe he had to tell her the truth. He was going to tell her anyway, and now was as good a time as any.

"Your grandfather, the king of the Underworld, or the Prince, as he was then, married a young woman at an early age. For years, they tried to have a child together, but failed…" as Raiga spoke, the images from the past flashed into his mind.


Everything was not right in the Castle of the Underworld several years ago. The Prince, the future grandfather of Rouge, Kaige, and Meige, was not happily married. He was not really in love with the Princess, but stayed with her due to her beauty and the immense power her family held. And she had the ability to provide him with the only thing he desired. An heir. He had fun with her for a while, but it wasn't love. Eventually, when the beauty of Princess began to fade with age, and she had still not given him any heir, the Prince grew weary of this woman. When this happened, he turned his eyes towards another young maiden. She was the child of one of the servants who worked at the castle. Very low in class. Very low beneath the Prince's first wife, the daughter of a rich merchant. He stayed with his wife of course, for political reasons, but kept this new maiden as his mistress.

She succeeded in giving the King an heir, a male child, who was named Raiga. The King was all but ready to retire and crown his son King, when his father, the King, found out about the affair he had been having. He blackmailed the Prince into giving up his mistress, and forced him to be faithful to his wife. He agreed, and dumped his mistress on the spot.

When he returned to his wife, she successfully bore him a son, a legitimate heir to rule the Underworld after he was gone. That was the father of Kaige and Meige. However, after the King returned to his wife, he set his mistress and her son away from the castle to survive in the depths of the Underworld on their own.

Raiga and his mother lived a very hard life during those years. No one knows exactly what happened to them, or where they went. All that is known is that after his mother, the former mistress of the Prince, passed away, Raiga reappeared at the castle of the Underworld.

Many years had passed since Raiga was last seen, leaving the Underworld in his mother's arms, wrapped tightly in a blue blanket. He had grown up. His eyes were now cold; not warm as they had been when he was born. His long white hair was held in a ponytail, hanging down around his waist. He wore green armor, which surrounded his body nicely.

However, it was not known at the time who this mysterious stranger was. Times had changed, and the people had forgotten the name Raiga, or whose son that name belonged to. Those who even knew in the first place, anyway.

The King had never told anyone about his first born son. And his father had not either. It was not known that Raiga was the actual brother of the current King.

As such, Raiga was welcomed into the castle. Of course, the people there were wary of him at first, but after a couple of years even the most stubborn gave him their confidence. He became a great friend of the people. Or at least the people that he needed in order to get what he wanted.

Those people that he needed on his side were the members of the army. The King had a powerful army, which he would need in order to overthrow him and get exactly what he wanted. And just the place to start was at the man in charge of the army. The one who could help him made what he desired a reality.

That person was Lt. Telra.

Now, Lt. Telra wasn't the easiest man to get along with. He had a stubborn streak, and was a very harsh and greedy man. But Raiga could use this to his advantage. And he did.

Now, by this time Kaige and Meige were still young, while Rouge had not yet been born. Their mother, the Queen, was a very attractive woman, who loved her husband very much. She would never do anything that might make him unhappy if she could help it.

Raiga knew this. But part of his goal involved the Queen. He needed her as well. He tried to seduce her once, but got rejected, and an infuriated Queen almost informed the King of what Raiga had tried to do, but he begged her forgiveness and promised her that he would never do it again.

But that was a lie. He did keep his promise in a way, never again asking the Queen to betray her King. He did, however, rape her.

One night, while the King was away from the castle for one reason or another, Raiga made his move. He convinced the guards in front of her room to take a break, and said that he would make sure the Queen was safe.

As soon as the guards were out of sight, Raiga crept into the room of the Queen and forced himself on her.

The Queen didn't tell the King what had happened to her. She didn't want to cause the King any pain. And Raiga never again did anything to her. He acted perfectly normal. The Queen was ashamed, of course, but couldn't bring herself to tell her husband what had happened to her.

Even when she found out she was pregnant.

She couldn't tell her husband. After what had happened, she felt like it was her own fault. And now she was having Raiga's baby. And her husband could not know. He would never forgive her. He wouldn't be able to look at her the same way again, she reasoned.

And so she passed the new baby off as the King's. Raiga realized it was his baby, since it was born nine months after he had raped her, but didn't tell anyone. After all, this was an unexpected bonus in his plan.

The Queen named the baby Rouge. She loved Rouge, but every time she looked at her youngest daughter, she was reminded of the horrible thing that had been done to her.

Rouge grew up happy, thinking that the King was her father. And so, years later, when Raiga finally made his move, and overthrew the King with the help of the army, she was unprepared for what was still to come.

After the assault began, the Queen gathered her daughters. She planned to use the powers that they possessed in order to stop Raiga and save their home. But Raiga had been planning this for years. He confronted his brother, and told him the truth of Princess Rouge's birth, and of his own birth.

The King attacked his brother in a fit of rage, but Raiga easily killed him. He then went after the Queen.

She, and her daughters, while this was taking place, approached the throne room, where Raiga had killed the King. And he surprised the Queen by hiding behind a pillar as she passed. He killed her, but with her last ounce of strength, the Queen sealed the key to the sword of Gaia in the heart of one of her daughters, and sent them all to Earth.

The shock of seeing her mother die was too much for Princess Rouge to bear, after having her whole life thrown into chaos. And so she lost her memory.

Now, everyone knows what happened after that. She met Yusuke, her sisters found her, enemies attacked, allies were killed. And it was all coming down to this. This was the climax.


"This is the climax," Raiga said, a twisted smile forming on his lips as he watched Rouge's reaction to the story he had just told. "And now you, as my daughter, must help me fulfill my destiny."

"Come on," He said, opening the door to the cell where she was imprisoned and stepping back to allow her to leave the cell. He saw her hesitate for a moment, than step out of the cell, and followed him as he led her to the throne room.


The castle of the Underworld looked ahead of them as Kaige, Meige, and Yusuke headed into the Underworld towards their final destination. None of them spoke, except when necessary, each thinking of the upcoming battle with Raiga that would surely take place.

Yusuke nervously glanced to this left, at Kaige, who stared straight ahead, walking steadily towards the castle. Meige to his right glanced at him and gave him a reassuring smile before refocusing her attention ahead of them, her smile disappearing and her muscles tensing as she looked at something ahead of them.

They were only a few meters from the front gates of the castle. Yusuke looked ahead again to see what had made her tense, and saw a dozen, maybe a few more soldiers gathering at the gate of the castle.

To his left, Yusuke heard Kaige draw her sword, while Meige put her hand out, motioning for him to stay back.

He obliged, taking a step back as Kaige and Meige charged, simultaneously with the first of the soldiers. Swords hit each other as the soldiers attacked the two princesses that they had once loyally served.

Even though there were more soldiers than there was soldiers, the princesses were skilled warriors. As skilled, if not even more so, than the soldiers. One by one, the soldiers went down as Kaige and Meige quickly dispatched of them.

They then hurried into the castle, Yusuke a step behind Kaige and Meige as the two rushed to rescue their sister from Raiga.


"I wonder why Yusuke cut class this time," Takashi said as he walked over to Koine's desk. She looked up at him and smiled. "Yeah," She replied. "He's been missing class quite a lot recently. I hope he's okay."

"So do I," Takashi replied, silently wishing that Koine would think the same way about him that he did about her. He knew it was no use, but he couldn't help it. Yusuke was so lucky to have a cute girl like Koine interested in him.


From across the room, Tsutomu watched Koine and Takashi talk to each other. Probably talking about Yusuke. Where he was.

And they probably had no idea that he knew more than he was telling. About their disappearance a couple of weeks ago. Tsutomu knew that Yusuke was hiding something. He saw it with his own eyes. He'd been heading over to Yusuke's house, when he saw it. A redheaded woman and a young man talking.

The woman had been dressed in very revealing clothes, and had a sword, while the man was dressed in a blue cape. He couldn't see anything else, since he was too far away to make out the details.

However, what happened next caught his attention more than the revealing clothes of the redhead. The man in a cape lifted his arms, and all of a sudden, Koine and Takashi appeared, floating in the air before the man. As the man lowed his arms, his two friends floated closer to the ground, until they actually touched it.

And Yusuke had seemed to know the redhead. He didn't know how, but he was going to find out. After all, if Yusuke had no trouble lying to his friends about where they were, then what trouble would he have lying again? And what else had he lied about?

Koine and Takashi's dissapearence was a serious matter. And Tsutomu knew that Yusuke had lied about it.

"I have to talk to him," Tsutomu vowed aloud, clutching a pencil tightly in his hand, as if to write. "I have to find out the truth. I can't avoid it any longer. Even if it hurts Koine."

"What would hurt Koine?" Kaoro asked from behind him, startling him and causing the pencil in Tsutomu's hand to snap in two. "What are you talking about?"

"Kaoro!" Tsutomu exclaimed nervously.


Rouge's shoulder was tense as Raiga led her to the throne room. Behind the throne was the Seal of the sword of Gaia. All he would need was the key within Rouge, and then he would have everything that he desired.

Raiga led Rouge to the hidden chamber behind the throne and triggered the signal to open the chamber. After the wall had been pulled back, Raiga led Rouge into the small chamber.

"My dear daughter Rouge," He began. "I need the key to the Seal of Gaia. Your mother hid it from me within your body. Now please, summon all your power and give it to me."


Kaige kicked open the door to the throne room, and ran inside, followed by Meige and Yusuke.

"Raiga!" She cried out, not seeing anything. The throne room appeared to be empty. But that was impossible. Raiga's aura was there. And so was Rouge.

But she couldn't see them with her eyes. And then something happened. A flash of light and the sound of crumbling stone later, and she could see Raiga and Rouge. Raiga had his arm around Rouge, and his other arm held out towards her.

Kaige could tell from the twisted smile on his face that he had fired a blast of energy at them, destroying the throne. "And now, to finish you off," Raiga said smugly.


The events that happened after that seemed to happen in slow motion, from Rouge's perseption. Raiga summoned more energy into his hand and was released it.

The blast slowly speeded towards everyone Rouge loved. Yusuke-kun. Kaige. Meige. Everyone.

"No!" Rouge cried out as a blast of energy spiraled around her, neutralizing Raiga's attack. And in that moment, everything returned. Her memory. Her past. Her life.

"Rouge!" Raiga cried out, staring at her. "You're my daughter! I've done all this for you! Why?"

"Raiga," Rouge began, the anger rising within her, "You didn't do all this for me. You did it for yourself. You wanted to take away everything your brother had. His wife, kingdom, and daughters. I may be your flesh and blood, but I will always be my father's daughter."

"Well then," Raiga replied scowling, "I'll just have to kill you too. But first, I will let you suffer the loss of that human." Yusuke-kun. He was going to attack Yusuke-kun!

Rouge's anger peaked, and the key to the Seal of Gaia formed in her hand. It reacted with the seal, and the sword was released. The sword appeared in Rouge's hand as Raiga turned towards Yusuke. Rouge charged at Raiga, and swung the blade.


The alarm clock rang, waking Yusuke up. He sniffed the air, tying to figure out what Rouge had prepared for breakfast. But all he could smell was the musty odor of his apartment. Where was Rouge?

"Oh, Yeah," Yusuke reminded reminded himself, "She went back. She's in her home now."

After Rouge killed Raiga with the Sword of Gaia, she ran to him. They hugged tightly, and then she was reunited with her sisters. And that was it. Yusuke had to go back to the Earth, while Rouge had duties in the Underworld.

Kaige and Meige had left too. Went back to their homeland. Yusuke missed them, as well, but nothing would be the same without Rouge. Nothing.

Yusuke sighed as he got out of bed and started getting ready for school. Ever since Rouge left, he'd just been going through the motions of living. Not really caring.

He'd been going home straight after school, not stopping off with his friends like he used to. They tried to find out what was wrong with him, but he wouldn't tell them.

He had formed a shell around himself, not letting anyone in. He pushed his friends away.

Koine had taken his actions really hard. Maybe she had a little crush on me, Yusuke had thought as he watched her eyes fill with tears. He had been pretty cold towards her. But it was nothing personal. He just… Just…

He didn't feel like having friends. Didn't fell like putting in the effort.

Tsutomu had tried to talk to him, but he didn't feel like it. He did say it was important, but Yusuke had other things on his mind. As he said, he didn't feel like putting up the effort.

He missed Rouge. He knew it was selfish, but he wanted her back. But that was impossible. She had a duty to uphold. In her homeland. And no one could take that duty away from her. Not even him.


There was a knock on the door. It was probably the landlady, to collect this month's rent. He was suppposed to pay it last week, but because he'd been calling in sick to his part time job ever since Rouge left, he wasn't getting paid.

And Yusuke didn't care. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered without Rouge.

Knock, Knock.

Yusuke sighed as he walked over to the door and opened it, expecting to see the greying brown hair of his landlady. But he didn't.

Yusuke's heart lifted and he felt happiness for the first time since Rouge left when he saw who was on the front steps. "Yusuke-kun!" She cried out as she jumped into his arms.

The End