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The Continuation of Princess Rouge

Scene 5: Star Crossed Revelations

by Nick

Throughout the Castle of the Underworld, the usual sound that could be heard ringing through the halls was the loud, booming voice of Master Raiga. He was usually instructing one of his followers on the latest plan to capture Princess Rouge, or instructing one of the servants to do something throughout the depths of the Underworld.

However, on this day, Raiga had planned to be alone. He had no more Generals to instruct to capture Rouge. They had all failed him. But he needed Rouge. Needed her for the Key to the seal of Gaia. For his daughter.

His daughter. He had led the revolution for her. Had planned for her to rule the Underworld with him. But she hated him. She didn't even know the truth.

Raiga sighed. Soon. Soon, his daughter would know the truth. She would rule the Underworld with him at his side.


It had been several weeks since the last servant, Omega, had been sent from Raiga. Meige had almost completely healed from the wounds that Lt. Telra had given her. Koine and Takashi were back in school. Life was getting back to normal.

Omega had decided to stay at Yusuke's house, guarding Kaige and Meige round the clock. Meige had offered to let the magician sleep in the shed with them, despite the fact that there was barely enough room there for Kaige and herself, but he had declined.

Yusuke wasn't sure what Omega did during the night. As long as he was awake, Omega was always keeping watch. While he was at school, Rouge told him that Omega was keeping watch. When did the guy sleep? But that didn't really matter. Yusuke liked the fact that Rouge was always being protected. It made him feel safe to leave her when he went to school, or to Basketball practice.

However, there was one thing that was still bothering Yusuke. Tsutomu. He hadn't been the same since Takashi and Koine had returned. He had acted strange. Distant. He didn't seem to trust Yusuke anymore. He wouldn't tell Yusuke what was bothering him, and every time he asked, Tsutomu denied his strange behavior.

Yusuke rolled over in his futon and looked at the clock that had been placed near his head on the floor. It was a traditional alarm clock, yellow, with the minute hand pointing at the large Arabic numeral six, and the hour hand pointing at a large Arabic five. It was five thirty in the morning.

He still had plenty of time before school started.

Next to him, Rouge slept soundly. He watched as her chest rose and fell under the blankets for a moment, then as silently as he could, got out from under the blanket and walked into the kitchen.

He couldn't get back to sleep. Not now, at least.


Raiga put the photograph of his daughter back down on the altar. The time had come. All of his Generals had failed. The only one he could trust to get the job done right was himself. He would capture Princess Rouge himself. Then he would get the key to the Seal of Gaia, and would be unstoppable.


Meige awoke with a start. She could feel something coming. Someone coming. Someone with a very strong aura. No one on Earth had this strong an aura, and there is only one person in the Underworld who had such a strong aura.

Raiga. Raiga was finally coming. To get Rouge.

Kaige was already up and out the door, in her battle armor. She was running towards Yusuke's house. Meige quickly jumped to her feet, and got into her battle armor as well. This was it. The final battle with Raiga was coming.


It was still early, but Yusuke was already in his school uniform. Rouge was still asleep when Kaige burst into Yusuke's house.

"K- Kaige!" Yusuke exclaimed in surprise, jumping up from his seat at the table. "W- What are you doing here?"

"Raiga is coming," She replied, than turned her attention to Rouge. "Rouge, wakeup." She gently poked her sister a little. "Rouge, wakeup!"

"Mmm?" Rouge mumbled in her sleep. Suddenly, her eyes popped open. "Kaige-san."

"Get up," she replied. "Raiga is coming for you. Get up now."

"O- Okay," Rouge said as Kaige turned and hurried out of the house.

Great, Yusuke thought to himself. Why today of all days?


Rouge stepped out of the house a moment later, Yusuke following behind her. He had a grim look on his face that radiated his feelings to those around him.

"Rouge, Get between us!" Kaige ordered her sister.

"Ha- Hai!" She said as she made her way to her sisters.

Kaige and Meige stood back to back, their swords drawn, and Rouge between them. Yusuke stood back near the house, not wanting to get in the way when Raiga finally did appear.

Omega summoned his magical powers into the form of a bow and arrow. The magical weapon shimmered in the early morning sun, as Omega drew an arrow from behind his back and placed it within the bow. This was it. He would finally be able to share his true feelings.

Omega could feel Raiga's aura. He was close. Very close. But where was he? He was taking his time. He wasn't in a rush.


Moments passed, and nothing happened. Meige could feel the tension from Rouge, huddled between Kaige and herself. But they were going to protect her. Raiga wouldn't get his hands on her sister. Not while she had anything to say about it.

"Why is he taking so long?" Kaige asked anxiously.

"I don't know," Meige replied. "But he'll be coming soon. I can feel it."

"Don't worry, Hime-sama," Omega called out. "I will handle Raiga."

"You will, will you?" A loud booming voice called out. It seemed to come from every direction. Meige looked around, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

"Where are you Raiga?" Omega yelled out, turning around in circles. "Come out and face us!"

"Omega," Raiga's booming voice continued. "Why did you betray me? I will give you one last chance to capture Princess Rouge."

"No," Omega replied. "I will not let you have Princess Rouge. You will have to go through me first."

"You have made your choice, Omega," Raiga's voice replied. "Now you will pay for your betrayal." The wind started to rustle the nearby leaves as a cloud of smoke appeared and started to descend to the ground. The smoke turned a yellow color and took the form of Master Raiga.

"Raiga," Meige heard Omega mutter under his breath. "I will never forgive myself for betraying my family. But I will avenge them." With that, Omega fired the arrow in his magical bow. It sailed through the air towards Raiga.

Meige watched from the corner of her eye as Omega lower his bow and watched the arrow sail towards Raiga. And bounce off of an invisible shield.

"No!" Omega cried out.

"You should know that you can't kill me that easily," Raiga laughed.

"You!" Omega cried out as the bow in his hands transformed in a flash of light into a spear. Gripping the spear tightly, Meige watched as Omega charged at Raiga.

The following seemed to happen in slow motion. Meige watched as Omega charged full force towards Raiga, the spear gripped tightly in his hands. She watched as Raiga lifted up his right hand and fired a blast of energy at Omega. He didn't see it coming.

"Omega!" Meige barely had time to call out before it hit him full force in the chest. The spear fell out of his hands and clattered uselessly onto the ground before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Omega fell backwards from the force of the blast, blood from the wound on his chest flying everywhere. Meige could see that it was a bad wound. She took a deep breath, and ran over to him.


What was happening?

He'd been hit. Raiga had attacked him. With what?

It didn't matter. He was bleeding. It was bad.

He wasn't going to make it. He wasn't going to get to avenge his family. He wasn't going to get to live to see Raiga dead.

Meige came running up a moment later. "Omega!"

"Meige-sama," Omega managed to choke out. He wasn't going to get to live much longer. He had to tell her. Tell her. Tell Meige-sama that he loved her. "O-Meige-hime-sama…"

"What is it Omega?" Meige asked placing Omega's head on her knees.

"I- I know… I am a lowly servant…" Omega continued to choke out. "But… O-Meige-sama… I…" He wanted to tell her that he loved her. But he couldn't. He didn't have enough time. His eyes closed, and Omega vanished in a puff of smoke.


Raiga was powerful. He had killed Omega in an instant. Rouge couldn't believe it. She blinked back tears as she looked where his body had been. He had been really nice, protecting her sisters and her from Raiga. He had been really nice to Yusuke-kun.

"Enough of this," Raiga said. "Omega was a fool. He actually thought he could defeat me."

Rouge watched as Meige stood up from where Omega had died, several feet from Raiga.

"I won't let you take my sister," Meige said.

Rouge felt her sister's warmth leave her side as Kaige moved forward to stand next to Meige.

"You killed our mother and our father," Kaige said as she walked forward. "I will make you pay."

At that remark Raiga burst out laughing.

He's laughing?" Rouge thought angrily. How can he be laughing at a threat?

"Princess Kaige, Meige, if you stand back, I will let you live," Raiga replied.

"We will never do that, Raiga," Kaige replied.

"Alright then," Raiga replied. "I will fight you right now, and you will lose. It's a pity you two will have to die for my daughter's sake."

Daughter? Rouge thought.


"Did he just say daughter?" Kaige asked Meige.

"Yeah," Meige replied.

"Since when did that bastard Raiga have a child?" Kaige wondered, scratching her head.

"I'm not sure," Meige replied again. "But he could have had one and didn't tell out father. Or even come to Earth and had one with an Earthling."

"My brother did know about my daughter," Raiga replied to the sisters, "Well, actually I should say, He knew her personally. Not that she was my child."

"You dare to call our father your brother after everything you have done?" Kaige seethed.

"Of course," Raiga replied, a smile on his lips. "I was doing Oniisan a favor by overthrowing his rule. He wasn't fit to rule the Underworld. It was my birthright. Not your father's.

"How dare you say that," Kaige shouted. Then, turning to Meige, she continued "Let's do it."

"Hai!" Meige agreed.

"Spirits who rule the darkness," Kaige began. "Lost souls wandering against God's light, if you wish to release your power, follow us!"

"Come to us and rend asunder the evil spirit," Meige continued. "Guide us to the land of shining light!"

"Glacier Thunder Drive!" They cried out together as they launched their combined attack at Raiga.

The attack hit Raiga's armor dead on, but he barely flinched. Kaige and Meige gasped in amazement.

"He- He's not even damaged?" Kaige asked.

"This armor has protected me well," Raiga said, laughing at Kaige and Meige's bewilderment. "You are not going to be able to win that easily."

"Knave Drive!" He cried out as he launched a huge amount of power at Kaige and Meige.

Just in time, Kaige and Meige managed to duck out of the way, by dodging to the left and the right, respectively.

However, that was exactly what Raiga was waiting for as he disappeared in a swirl of yellow smoke before reappearing next to Princess Rouge. Before anyone knew what had happened, they were gone.


"Rouge!" Yusuke cried out as he jumped away from the house and ran to where Rouge had just been. "Rouge! Where are you?"

"Rouge," Kaige whispered, holding back tears. Than, in a louder voice she continued, "Meige, we have to go get her."

"Yes," Meige agreed.

"I'm coming with you," Yusuke spoke up from behind them.

"No, you can't," Kaige replied. "A human like you can't do any good in the Underworld. And you'd be of no use against Raiga. You'd only get in the way."

"I'm coming," Yusuke replied firmly. "I won't let you go without me."

Kaige was about to speak out again, when she felt her sister's arm on her. "Kaige, let him come."

She glanced at Meige, than back at Yusuke. "Fine, you can come."

"Thank you, Kaige," Yusuke replied.


"I guess Yusuke isn't coming into school today," Koine said, staring at Yusuke's empty desk. "I wonder if he's sick?"

"Suzumaru-kun," The teacher called out, walking over to her desk. "Are you listening? Suzumaru-kun?"

"Eh?" Koine said, turning her attention away from the desk to her teacher. "Gomen nasi, sensei."

"Be sure to pay attention," The teacher said as he walked back to the front of the room. This will be on the test next week."

"Hai," Koine replied.


"I finally have you," Raiga laughed at Rouge as she lay in the cell that Sagan had previously been in before Raiga had killed him. "Now, all I need is to get the Key to the Seal of Gaia within you, and I will be Invincible!"

"Yusuke-kun will come for me!" Rouge cried out. "He won't leave me!"

"Oh, yes… that human," Raiga responded. "How… grotesque. Imagine… My daughter, having an affair with an Earthling."

"Y- Your Daughter?" Rouge gasped. "M- Me? I'm your daughter?"

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